Who is Maria Montessori?

a. What are the basic concepts of Montessori?

b. How is a Montessori Class Structured

c.How are Montessori teachers trained?
d. Are there any group activities in a Montessori class?
e. What is the Montessori concept of discipline?
f. Is Montessori affiliated with a religion?
g. How will my child respond when leaving the Montessori environment for another school?
h. What is the difference between Montessori and traditional education?
i. Is Montessori good for children with learning disabilities? What about gifted children?
j. Are Montessori children successful later in life?
k.What are the names of famous Montessori graduates?
l. Is there room for creativity in a Montessori program?
m. What are the teacher to student ratios?